The Importance of Security Reviews

We recently made a post focused on process reviews, and the importance of performing Security Reviews regularly to keep your company operating smoothly.

Security systems, processes, and protocols are no different! Periodic reviews allow you and your organization to make sure that all of your security concerns are addressed. This may include digital/online security, employee entrance and exit from your facility, protecting sensitive or proprietary on-site data, or even keeping tabs on dangerous and hazardous materials.

Different types of businesses will have different security concerns, of course, as well as different approaches to maintaining that security. Still, reviewing the processes you have in place allows you to audit for gaps, changes, or any other issues that need to be addressed. Sometimes something as small as a software update or minor change in state compliance could turn an entire process on its ear, or render a piece of hardware obsolete. These changes can go unnoticed if you aren’t performing regular reviews.

As recommended with other business processes, you can build a schedule for reviewing each element of your company security. The systems and processes should be reviewed at least once per year, but some may benefit from more frequent updates. Your review process may include (among many other things) software tests, recoding key cards, upgrading camera systems, reviewing changes to federal, state, and local laws – but most importantly, it’s a chance to audit the way staff approaches security.

Are people actually following the protocols put in place? Are the systems working? Are things slipping through the cracks?

This annual (at least) audit can illuminate big gaps in training, persistent issues with outdated equipment, or highlight problems you didn’t even know existed. Bringing in a third party to perform such audits and reviews can be even more beneficial – as they won’t be “too close” to the problems, or won’t have existing workarounds or bias about the systems currently in place.

For more sensitive types of businesses, changes in server management, cloud usage, ERP systems, and beyond need to be carefully monitored to protect proprietary information. Updated network security, the latest encryption technologies, and a working knowledge of the latest threats all help protect your business… And in many cases, it takes a web security expert to ensure that all of the proper protections are in place. If you have such a person on staff, great! Many companies, however, will need to rely on third parties for such extensive and complex work.

The best approach to security reviews is a combination of in-house and third party audits. Develop a schedule for staff to review company security (and all that it entails), and encourage every member of your organization to be on the lookout for holes in the current systems. On top of your in-house efforts, plan to bring in a third party security audit annually. You may want to work with different providers for specific needs (especially if you deal with hazardous materials), but each provider will be able to outline their areas of expertise.

The real point is to be diligent. You can find the review methods and schedule that best suit your business, but you must regularly review the company’s security measures to actually keep them secure. If you have any questions about how to perform these reviews, or if you’d like to learn more about how Belmero can help, contact us today!

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