Epic Systems is a privately held healthcare software company headquartered in Wisconsin. Founded in a basement in 1979, the company has grown to become one of the best-known EHR software companies in the world. Epic Systems develops and provides streamlined, integrated solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Epic's systems are full-featured, deeply integrated solutions that have the potential to easily meet and exceed the requirements healthcare systems have. Those companies that adopt Epic's EHR systems do so because of its status as an EHR giant, holding over 190 million patients' electronic records. In addition, Epic's software solutions have been consistently highly rated, earning #1 ranked overall software suite awards over several years.

All of Epic's solutions are developed, implemented, and supported in-house. Epic's comparably smaller customer base allows them to improve focus and provide better services, even providing dedicated teams for each organization. Companies are also attracted to Epic's extensive range of services and solutions.

Epic's stable, full-featured solutions have the potential to provide companies with an enormous ROI, but the software, like its competitors, has its weaknesses that may frustrate customers. Epic EHR systems are some of the most expensive on the market, and both major and minor upgrades have a significant cost. The large cost associated with implementing Epic solutions makes other weaknesses more prominent, and often frustrating for companies who use them.

Some users experience difficulties with implementation and integration with other billing systems; others find that Epic discourages the use of other systems. The closed platform can be challenging and costly to interconnect with non-Epic systems. Organizations that are unhappy with Epic's software may be willing to spend even more to implement another EHR system, believing it will solve the issues.

The root of the issue typically lies not with the software, but with the company's experience and training with the system. Without proper training or experts as a resource, companies may experience difficulties integrating the system, leading to drops in revenue.

Instead of implementing a new EHR system at a high cost, the first step is to make Epic work for your company. Take advantage of highly trained experts with the knowledge to troubleshoot and the resources to permanently resolve recurring operational issues.

Belmero has been helping Epic customers successfully realize the full ROI potential of their EHR systems and we can help you too. We provide our customers with stellar production and functional support, as well as experts who will help implement, upgrade, or consult as needed. In addition to experts, customers have access to leadership counsel.

Suites / Applications:
Epic Patient Engagement
Epic Patient Clinicals
Epic Specialties and Ancillaries
Epic Revenue Cycle
Epic Population Health
Epic Community Connect
Epic Care at a Distance
Epic Interoperability
Epic Healthcare Reform and Regulatory Compliance

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