Cerner Corporation supplies health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices, and hardware. As of April 2015, Cerner’s products were in use in more than 18,000 facilities around the world. The same year, Cerner earned the the No. 1 World’s Most Admired Company in Healthcare: Pharmacy and Other Services category from Fortune.

Cerner Corporation was founded in 1979 by Neal Patterson, Paul Gorup, and Cliff Illig under its original name, PGI & Associates. The company was renamed Cerner in 1984 as it rolled out its first system, PathNet. Cerner went public shortly after in 1986.

Cerner’s customers are attracted to the software initially due to Cerner’s consistently high marks in independent user satisfaction surveys, but there are many more reasons. Cerner customers choose and stay with the software. Cerner’s software provides clients with real-time access to patient results and clinical information across care disciplines, as well as enables healthcare organizations to ensure compliance with The Joint Commission requirements for patient confidentiality.

Cerner HIT solutions also allow companies to access patient information securely from wherever and whenever it is most convenient for the care team, as well as increases efficiency by placing real-time updated information in the care team’s hands, allowing them to make fast and effective decisions.

As with any software with the potential to provide companies with an enormous ROI, Cerner has weaknesses that can be frustrating or debilitating for some customers. In the past, Cerner faced lawsuits regarding EHR functionality, and some users find that compared to competitors, Cerner’s software is less intuitive and some times takes longer to perform. Others noted that Cerner’s off-site hosting is an ASP model rather than a SaaS model. While this offers a much broader range of customization, it doesn’t allow for quick upgrades like a SaaS model does.

Frustration with Cerner’s software may drive companies to invest in a competitor’s product, which may seem like a quick, easy fix, but requires a significant financial investment at a higher price point than Cerner. In most cases, the frustration is related to a lack of knowledge or experience with the software, and can be remedied by bringing in experts.

Belmero has Cerner consulting experts & solutions that will help customers realize the full ROI potential of their software.  Our experts can help your company successfully implement, manage, and configure the software, and our customers have the benefits of our stellar production and functional support. Our experts can also assist your company in upgrading or consult as needed. We also provide our customers with leadership counsel--all to help your company realize the full ROI of the technology.

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