Belmero Difference


Belmero provides unlimited functional services for a fixed annual cost with no additional or hidden costs.  ROI Optimization servicesRTV services and with other services too.

1. Annual contract; easy to budget, no additional charges

2. No hourly billing and no high hourly rates

3. Price tailored to meet your needs
•Get support for only those modules you need support for. Not every module you have needs support.

4. Unlimited Functional Support and Operational Optimization Services


Belmero's objective is to provide the right solution the first time and handhold each of our clients through putting it into place. We do this in a number of ways.

1. Quality Resources
•You get the right resource when you need it
•Expert functional knowledge you need, when you need it

2. Quality Solutions
•We resolve the root cause not the symptom. By focusing on the symptom and not the root cause the same issue is bound to occur again
•Operational optimizations that leverages BPM and our proprietary Operational Optimization system (Business PCR™) to give you a big ROI

3. We do a full impact analysis around the issue.
•All options need to be evaluated with an impact analysis to ensure the right solution is applied and that there are no other underlying issues
•Our analysis involves the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where and Why

4. We consider cross module, upstream and downstream impacts.

5. Knowledge Transfer
•We pride ourselves on knowledge transfer so that the entire team grows with each new solution
•We explain the solution and handhold you through the necessary steps to apply it
•Translate IT language to Business language and vice-versa.

6. U.S.-Based support team
•There are no language barriers
•No work hour/time zone constraints


The Belmero philosophy is to provide the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Belmero’s team of Experts have the in-depth business, process and strategic financial systems expertise to deliver result-driven functional and production support, EVERY TIME!

1. Experienced professionals with an average of 10+ years of functional experience.
•Cross module/application experience in 4 or more modules
•Cross industry experience

2. Process improvement experts who provide complete and integrated business solutions.

3. Agile and versatile to quickly address the changing needs of the business.

4. Post Go-Live support specialists
•A lot of organizations are connecting with junior tech support personnel who have very little real-world business or process-oriented experience to rely on with respect to their problem solving

End to End Solutions

Belmero provides more than just an explanation. We will provide guidance and support, while being a major contributor to all steps in the process. This includes but not limited to:

1. Requirements and Fit/Gap Analysis
2. Functional Design Documents
3. Configuration Documents
4. Security Documents
5. Testing Documents
6. Training Documents
7. Production Ready Documents

We will provide functional support and guidance on whatever is necessary to ensure a successful solution is put in place. (ROI Optimization services, RTV services and Implementation, Upgrade & Expert Consultants)

The Belmero Difference: Increase your ROI with Belmero