Belmero’s PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP, Lawson, Return To Vendor (RTV) Managed Service solves the #1 reason 85% of organizations lose money with over payments and the majority of organizations don’t realize this.  For larger organizations losses can amount to over 1 million a year.  If you’re not familiar with Return To Vendor | Vendor Returns please download below our free research report below.
Belmero’s Return To Vendor (RTV) Managed Service for PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP, Lawson manages the entire Return process ensuring an organization receives All of the credits/money vendors owe them. Belmero will provide the complete solution: People, Processes & Technology.  This is an annual fixed price & unlimited service so it’s easy to budget and receive a great ROI…Up to 400% ROI

Belmero’s proprietary Return To Vendor (RTV) Managed Service removes the headaches, complexities and most importantly helps you receive All of the credits that vendors owe you!  Whether you’re using PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP, Lawson below are a few additional benefits of this service.

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    Standard Return process across the organization

    Belmero provides a standard end to end process so the process is consistent and streamlines

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    Central Group Managing All Returns

    Belmero RTV team provides a central group to oversee and manage returns. Returns are there #1 priority

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    End to End Visibility to Returns and what Vendors owe

    Belmero processes and technology provide end to end visibility so you know what vendors owe you

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    Data Accuracy of Return Information

    Belmero’s team is incredibly detailed oriented and knows how important accuracy is.

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    Eliminate Training & Re-Training Staff to Process Returns

    Eliminate all of the time and expense in training & re-training your employees

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    Confirm all Credits make it to Payables

    Belmero’s processes have controls in place to make sure that all entered credits make it to AP

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Uncover 5 ways 85% of organizations are losing up to 500K a year from Vendor Returns.  Some of these you probably have never heard of!
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“In one year alone we were losing approx $450K. That doesn’t include all of the time we spent researching credits, retraining personnel and fixing entry errors.”Sandy, Director of Supply Chain