Workday is an on-demand and cloud-based financial management and human capital software company that aims to provide management with ways to oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, expense management, and financial accounting. Workday was founded by the founder and former CEO of PeopleSoft, and the former PeopleSoft chief strategist in 2005.

Workday’s product lines target industries including finance, human resources, and IT, providing enterprise applications for nearly every facet of your business. Companies that choose Workday favor cloud-based software and Workday’s subscription-based service business model. Major updates are released every 6 months, with customer feedback taken into consideration.

In addition, Workday’s emphasis on usability, and integrated modules for human resources and business management have been applauded by their customers. The result is that Workday has been able to develop a product based on next-generation technology with a focus on the consumer experience and mobile experience. Workday software’s robust functionality and user-friendliness are immensely attractive to their customers, and it’s easy to see why.

These traits make Workday a valuable resource and illustrate why Workday’s applications have the potential for a high ROI. However, the software has its weaknesses as well. Customers who are unhappy with Workday point to weaknesses in the talent space, time tracking, and localized payroll options. A more robust time tracking feature would allow for more complex scheduling, while localized payroll options are vital for customers outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Customers have also found Workday’s security setup and configurations to be complex and difficult to use properly without additional training. The same issue arises with Workday reporting applications--most customers do not have the time to spend on training efforts during the implementation process. Lack of knowledge or training can create a scenario where customers find themselves unable to prepare, train or adapt to the added functionality in time with the scheduled rollouts.

The challenges customers experience with Workday can be solved with proper solutions and services. Belmero has the Workday consulting Experts & Solutions to help Workday customers successfully realize the ROI potential of their system. Our customers have access to stellar production and functional support. Our experts can help your company face head-on any challenges you experience with Workday software. Consultation and leadership counseling services are also accessible by our customers.

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