Oracle Cloud is one of the industry’s broadest and most integrated public clouds, offering best-in-class services across the board as a service, platform, and as infrastructure. Oracle Cloud can also be used within your own data center.

Oracle Corporation was founded in 1977, and introduced Oracle Cloud in 2011 in order to compete with other cloud-based solutions, including Amazon AWS, Salesforce, and Workday. Today, Oracle Cloud assists organizations by increasing business agility, lowering costs associated with software solutions, and reducing IT complexity.

Companies that choose Oracle Cloud are looking for software that creates a unified environment and flexible cloud infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of business applications. In addition, Oracle Cloud is available on a subscription basis, offering plans that can dramatically cut costs for businesses.

Oracle Cloud is touted for having one of the broadest collections of cloud services on the market, and for its ability to move applications and workloads between the cloud and on-premises environments quickly and simply. Companies who choose Oracle Cloud may also be attracted to the high level of security provided to them by Oracle’s 19 worldwide data centers, as well as around-the-clock monitoring and support.

As with any software solution with the potential for large ROI, Oracle Cloud has its weaknesses. While the subscription based services may hold significant value for a business that needs the constant support and access, businesses who plan to only use the solutions occasionally may find it too expensive. Customers looking for a public PaaS solution, like Microsoft’s Azure, and SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, will not find one in Oracle Cloud.

Some customers can be frustrated with the hands-on nature of an unmanaged or a partially managed Oracle solution. Even after buying in, the customer must install, configure, patch, monitor, manage, and upgrade the Oracle servers themselves. For businesses without employees who have the necessary training and knowledge to handle configuring and managing the software, Oracle Cloud can be a frustrating experience--prompting some to consider investing in a different solution instead.  To reduce this frustration customers should look at an Oracle fully managed solution that best meets their needs and requirements but even then there will be knowledge and expertise challenges to overcome.

However, with the addition of knowledgeable and trained experts, frustrations stemming from lack of training or familiarity with the solution can be alleviated. Belmero has the Oracle Cloud Consulting Experts and Solutions to help Oracle Cloud customers successfully implement, manage, and configure their software. Our customers have the benefit of our stellar production and functional support, as well as our experts, who can assist your company in upgrading or consulting as needed. We also provide our customers with leadership counsel--all to help your company realize the full ROI of the technology.

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