PeopleSoft provides a full solution set of suites including Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Campus Solutions and many more. PeopleSoft was founded in 1987 and provides very robust and mature functionality in these suites especially in the latest releases.

There is no question that PeopleSoft can meet the requirements for almost all businesses that have chosen to use it. Some of the strengths include seamless integration between modules, a near real time environment, platform independence, rapid deployment possibilities, excellent effective data functionality and fairly easy to customize. Like any solution there are some weaknesses. There can be a long learning curve, no version control and there are no usage analytics.

Overall, PeopleSoft is a very robust solution that can provide companies a huge ROI. However, the key is organizations must possess the knowledge and experience to fully leverage PeopleSoft. This is much easier said than done. We see organizations that are unhappy with PeopleSoft and are considering implementing another ERP because they believe that another ERP will solve their problems. The truth is after spending 10m, 50m or over 100 million dollars on a new ERP in a very short term they will be right back in the same position they are today in PeopleSoft. Almost always it’s not PeopleSoft that is the issue. Organizations just don’t have the Knowledge to take PeopleSoft to the next level.

There can be many different resolvable reasons organizations are unhappy with or wanting more from PeopleSoft. For example, during the implementation the project scope had to be reduced and therefore the expected ROI was never obtained. Another example is that staff and support teams only know what they know. They have only been trained on how the organization specifically uses PeopleSoft. They just do not have the full depth of expertise and knowledge of PeopleSoft. Knowledge is absolutely critical! Experienced and extremely knowledgeable resources are absolutely key to getting the most out of PeopleSoft, resolving recurring operational paints and being happy with PeopleSoft. Belmero has been helping PeopleSoft customers successfully accomplish this for almost 20 years.

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