An Accounts Payable Audit Puts Money Back in Your Budget

An accounts payable audit with Belmero will help you to see how much money you are leaving on the table each month and get proactive about ensuring it stops. Belmero’s Supplier Returns-Credits Managed Service is the solution to cutting costs and getting back the money you overpaid.

Where Does the Money Go?

If you are looking at your supply costs and wondering how you can get those costs under control, you are not alone. More businesses are leaving money behind that could be going back in their budget. Two of the biggest losses when it comes to overpayments are:

  • Discounts that were not taken
  • Taking advantage of supplier credits

It seems counterintuitive that two obvious benefits are being overlooked but they are. They are overlooked by a wide range of businesses and the losses can total in the millions for larger companies.

Getting it Back

An accounts payable audit can take months to complete, it also can take up a lot of your office resources and time. You will eventually get the money back through this process but there is a better way. Our way! Belmero’s Supplier Returns-Credits Managed Service addresses the problem in a proactive way without dedicating months to an audit every couple of years.

Our way is less costly, faster and a great preventive tool. Cutting back on supply costs starts with taking advantage of the credits and the discounts that are already available. The only thing you need to do to get your money back and keep it from being left on the table again is to contact us! We can take care of the problem with a solution that does not add to your workload. Contact us today to learn how you can keep your money in your budget!

Accounts Payable Audit for your business from Belmero Inc : Improve your Accounts payable