Why Epic Systems Might Be Perfect For You

Present day healthcare is moving from the traditional paper medical charts to a digital format. Epic Systems  provides electronic record systems. Epic’s health care software is used at thousands of health clinics and hospitals all over the United States.  In addition to storing electronic health records for more than half of all Americans, Epic applications offer:

  • Registration and Scheduling
  • Billing Systems for Insurers
  • Clinical Systems for Doctors and Nurses
  • Systems for Emergency Personnel, Lab Technologists and Other Personnel

The beauty with using Epic is that it allows for patients to have one medical chart that follows them throughout the different areas that medical care is received. The ability to have all records for a patient in one place has not only provided convenience for healthcare workers, but has also been a vital tool in saving lives. Providers are able to use the system to send secure messages that can include imaging documents, patient problem lists, and/or medication histories. The large integrated database also allows for the easy retrieval of varying reports. Users of all computer skill levels have the ability to integrate clinical and financial information into their reports.

Patients also benefit from Epic Systems. MyChart is a medical software Patient Portal that allows patients to schedule appointments, retrieve test results, and print after visit summary reports. In addition to MyChart, there are other mobile applications such as Bedside, Haiku, and Lucy that provide patients with controlled access to the same system used by their care team. The use of such apps help to foster communication with healthcare providers.

Epic is widely used all over the country. Some of the most notable and largest healthcare systems throughout the country employ this healthcare system. This list includes the Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Duke University Health Systems, and the Mayo Clinic. Moreover Epic has won several industry awards and remains at the top of EHR systems lists in surveys.

The experts at Belmero specialize in helping Epic customers customize their user experience. If you are in need of more information about how Epic can best fit your needs, contact us today.

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