Healthcare ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions Review ERP systems are a critical tool for healthcare facilities to manage inventory, reduce supply waste, and ensure proper accounting for supplier credits and other supply chain elements. ERP Solutions Review has created a list of 13 trusted ERP solutions either designed for healthcare, or fully customizable to meet the needs of hospitals and other related facilities.

Q1 2022: Record Low Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

RevCycle Intelligence Citing a report from Kaufman Hall, RevCycle has provided a concise review of healthcare merger and acquisition activity for the first quarter of 2022. While transactions with for-profit sellers were up, mergers and acquisitions – as well as the sizes of the deals – were down. The industry saw 12 transactions totaling $2.95 billion, compared to 13 transactions …

Workforce Planning in the Wake of COVID-19

Missouri Hospital Association The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry cannot be overstated, and the massive changes across the industry include workforce management and planning. As shown in a detailed report from the Missouri Hospital Association, the trend of healthcare workforce shortages began before the 2020 crisis, but silver linings have also emerged. Through difficult lessons, the …

Hospital Equipment Savings Guidance

Florida Independent With the ongoing issue of hospital supply waste and overspending plaguing healthcare finance, Florida Independent has identified several key ways that facilities can find savings. With recommendations for brand comparisons, reducing middle men, and more strategic purchase timing, this guide seeks to educate equipment buyers about overlooked opportunities to cut spending without sacrificing equipment quality or availability.

January Report Sets 2022 Hospital Finance Trend

Becker Hospital Review In a February 2022 report from Kaufman Hall, financial strain from December to January show a potentially dangerous trend related to COVID-19 surges. For the first time in 11 months, hospital margins were negative, with an operating index of -3.68 percent (-3.3 percent with CARES). While this setback is directly related to the Omicron surge during that …