Tips for Implementing HR Software

Maybe you can remember the time when taking care of employee issues was simply looking around the office, making a few decisions about employee time-off, sick days, hours worked and occasionally advertising for and hiring a new employee. Then, because your business grew before your eyes,  those previously simple tasks became complex, and time-consuming. This is where HR Software steps in and starts to make sense of your spreadsheets with employee data, personnel records and applicant information.

HR Software can cover the basics, such as maintaining employee databases, archiving and storing personnel records, producing directories and organization charts. Or by adding modules to spice up the system, you can post job openings,  track applicants, run payroll, manage employee vacation requests, administer benefits and set performance goals and reviews.  It’s your call and your vision.

Here is the good news: you are not alone in this decision to implement a HRMS.  According to The Sierra-Cedar 2015–2016 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 18th Annual Edition, 43% of organizations have a major HR Systems Strategy initiative planned for this year and of those, 50% will be SaaS solutions. While implementing a new HRMS has been compared to putting together a large jigsaw puzzle, a few strategic pitfalls can be avoided, making your transition as smooth as possible.

Include all the Right People In the Process

  • Engage everyone with an interest or influence over your project
  • Ensure that all the stakeholders onboard

Organize The Best Training

  • Everyone in your company will use the HR Software, they may not use every facet, but they will use some aspect
  • Supervisors and line managers will focus on employee data, record keeping, scheduling and recruiting
  • Owners and managing personnel will focus on reports and analytics
  • All will require the advice and support of your HR personnel

Measure the ROI

  • What is the feedback from your stakeholders
  • Was the implementation within budget
  • What steps, if any, must be taken to ensure continuing success

Regardless of the solution you choose to implement, it is guaranteed to be a welcome step-up from your current process, allowing you and your employees to focus on business growth. Belmero Inc can help with any concerns you may have, as well as guide you in the available options or specific HR Software packages that will benefit your company for years to come.

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