Consider the Best Uses of Time for Your Administrative Team

It’s the job of managers to write the best schedules for their assigned employees. In a healthcare organization that has already implemented PeopleSoft HRM, managers know this because they spend a lot of time reviewing personnel reports. They examine barriers to maximum productivity within the employee work day, including ensuring extra staff coverage for peak times and covering worker absences due to illness, personal reasons, and attrition.

Consider How Administrators Use Their Time

It’s also possible to use your HRM modules to help your managers make more efficient use of their time spent on administrative tasks. This could include some analysis by HR staff and senior managers, but it’s also a good exercise for department and process managers. They can analyze how much time they spend within specific PeopleSoft HRM modules performing tasks and then re-prioritize them. Let’s consider an example. You are in the PeopleSoft HRM module to review employee leave requests. You want to give employees their preferred days off so they will be happy and stay on in their employment. But, you must cover all shifts in your department. For starters, there are patient-to-staff ratios to consider. There are employees to cover when they call out sick, which means you cannot grant time off and leave parts of the workday with no coverage, especially during the facility’s peak times. You could run a report to identify when employees most often submit leave requests. You could create a reminder email for employees to submit leave requests within the company’s required period, whether that is 7 days or 30 days. Next, block out time on your digital work calendar to review leave requests right after that peak time each week. In this way, you’ll address requests rapidly following the peak time and you can find time to review other requests as they trickle in. All of this requires pulling one report from the HRM dashboard. For more ideas on efficient use of the PeopleSoft HRM application in your healthcare organization, please contact us.

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