Cut Hospital Support Costs through Proper ERP Optimization

Many times, hospital support costs are a gray variable in otherwise smooth operations and financial management of hospitals. Support services are a needed part of quality health offerings, but complicated business relationships, reporting and regulation requirements, and different constituents reduce the positive impact of hospital support services. While the issues involved in information and systems management between a hospital and its support services may seem insurmountable, manage your hospital support costs with experienced software implementation and integration across your healthcare organization.

ERP Integration

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is a software system designed to manage disparate parts of an organization through one system. A quality ERP system, like PeopleSoft will be robust enough to handle your entire organization including the complexities of support services. Because a software system that robust will have many systems not necessarily relevant to your specific business, ERP optimization requires an integration and implementation team to analyze your business systems, integrate the software with your systems and train employees and management on the best use of the software.

Quality and Cost Cutting

Because of the many different complex relationships between a hospital and support services (insurance billing, referrals, employee payments, inventory and supplies, administrative staff), a good data management system is necessary. The advantage of a well-implemented ERP is that it simplifies the complex relationships; the ERP marks clear boundaries between financial concerns of the hospital and its support services. With clear financial boundaries in place, other boundaries become clear and each organization can focus on providing the best services to your patients without worrying about the muddle that comes from having too many services under one financial roof. Financial boundaries lead to information management across your organization. With real time reporting and other business intelligence tools, you can quickly locate and address key spending and quality issues, no matter where they are located. Rather than every attempt to address quality and costs degenerating into a battle of he said/she said, you can quickly locate hospital support cost information and assess what is causing the discrepancy. Good information and data management software brings positive results throughout a hospital organization, including support services. For more information about how to optimize your PeopleSoft ERP to produce the best results for your hospital, please contact Belmero today.

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