Human Resources: Why Policy Should Be a Priority

If updating your human resources policy isn’t a priority for you now, we’re hoping that you’ll read on to find out why it should be. Recently, Bill Conerly commented on “It turns out that policy created by very bright people with the best of intentions can produce exactly the opposite results from what is intended.” So, it’s best to think of your written HR policy as a work-in-progress and to see how it is being implemented by leaders in the workplace. HR information systems can help you measure the effects of some policies.

The Relationship to Human Capital Management Software 

Many rules that are expressed in your working HR policy are actually carried out through human capital management software. For example, managers can identify employees who run out of paid time off and then take leave without pay through automated payroll reports. Administrative review can determine that employees are abusing a leave policy, such as requesting vacation when they know they don’t have available leave time. This type of employee action, if intentional or unintentional, results in unnecessary paperwork for managers and payroll people.

Get Serious About Making HR Policy a Priority

It’s important for leaders to take HR policy violations seriously. When there is a pattern of abuse by multiple employees, such as taking leave without pay for non-serious circumstances, it could mean that the HR policy needs improvement. Senior management should seek to understand whether the document is the source of the problem or if other factors contributed to that pattern of policy violations.

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