Analytical Study Shows Healthcare Moving to Cloud ERP

Cloud studies conducted by HIMSS Analytics of Chicago IL show that 83% of healthcare organizations are using cloud services to host applications and data like ERP (enterprise resource planning). Cloud ERP makes use of Cloud computing platforms and services to provide  more flexible business process transformation.  These studies also revealed that over half of US hospitals use smart-phones and/or tablet computers in their daily operations. Oracle’s Cloud ERP business applications are empowering many of these healthcare organizations to take control of their daily operations and increase profitability by allowing their people to work anywhere, anytime and on any device via the internet. The cloud-based suites offer many of the same features and functionality as their on-premise counterparts.  In addition, the cloud deployment model easily enables the integration of other key technologies like mobility, decision support systems, and collaboration and social systems. Cloud ERP based applications have a consumer-like user experience and are reliable and secure. The Oracle cloud infrastructure delivers all of the important features hospitals need in a cloud platform, including high performance and scalability, reliability and an intense focus on security. If your organization is using an aging system that stands in the way of future growth and opportunities, now is the time to explore Oracle’s Cloud ERP and how it can help your business. Belmero Inc. is a leading provider of functional production support for PeopleSoft. Contact us to learn more about making the most of your ERP and Cloud based applications.

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