Mobile Applications For Healthcare Management on the Go

The power of mobile applications in a high-tech world of doing business in the healthcare industry is essential in hospital financial management. Mobile applications allow real-time access to critical business information. Peoplesoft offers three mobile applications that can assist you in your mobile office needs: Peoplesoft Mobile Approvals, Peoplesoft Mobile Expenses and Peoplesoft Mobile eProcurement. You can use these applications on your desktop, smart phone, or tablet devices. The use of mobile applications gives you the flexibility to approve transactions on the go. You can log into the system from your mobile device, such as a tablet or smart phone, and process transactions like Journal entries, expense reports, purchase orders and requisitions. The use of mobile entry gives you access to expense reports, and other entries including approving actions and past expenses. You don’t have to download a special app to use your iPad or iPhone when accessing the application either. That is a nice feature to manage your expense reporting on the go. The eProcurement application gives you the ability to add and manage requisitions from a your mobile tablet or mobile phone. The applications are tested and work with the following mobile devices: Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), Apple iPhone 4 & 4S (iOS 5.1), Apple iPad 2 and iPad 3 (iOS 5.1), Google Nexus Tablet (Android Jelly Bean) and Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 (Android Honeycomb). You have enough to do. Let one of our agents at Belmero help you configure your Peoplesoft Mobile applications.

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