Better Hospital Supplier Management through Real-Time Feature

Streamlined hospital supplier management doesn’t just improve operational efficiency, it also ensures patient need is first priority. PeopleSoft automates hospital supplier management processes, securing inventories that don’t suffer stock outages at crucial times. This is largely due to a real-time inventory management feature that keeps providers up-to-date with supply chain management action as things happen. As of 2015, 45% of vendors place great importance on development and use of supply based technology over the next three years. Hospital supplier management is even more likely to integrate supplier management software than other industries due to the vital importance of well-stocked hospital inventory. PeopleSoft’s real-time supplier management system reduces the amount of stock outages in the event of last-minute emergency supply runs. Real-time supply management allows identification of inventory outliers which might warrant last minute reorders or even a change in suppliers. The ability to track sales and available inventory, communicate with suppliers, receive and incorporate other data with real-time data, eliminates guess-work that compromises proper patient care. The real-time feature assists with planning, manufacturing, and fulfillment efforts, minimizing the need for IT support costs. Companies are able to use one module or multiple modules of the PeopleSoft inventory management suite, depending on the size and needs of the company. A one-inventory-system-fits-all inhibits optimal organization of data that is essential to material logistics. Surprisingly enough, real-time features are not optimally used by providers. In the same study referenced above, 70% of the vendors studied had real-time updates for less than half of their supply chain. Belmero helps hospitals and healthcare professionals optimize their PeopleSoft ERP system for better supply chain management, HR, and finance. We are knowledgeable of software solutions that can cut costs and boost productivity while troubleshooting errors that shouldn’t take away from patient service. Contact us today regarding PeopleSoft solutions.

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