Hospital HR: Bringing the Right People Onboard

In many ways, hospital HR is like HR in any other industry. The human resources are the people who make up the workforce of the organization and the human resource department is the group responsible for managing these resources. However, unlike employees at a widget factory or hair salon, a hospital’s staff must deal with life and death decisions every day, making it absolutely crucial that these human resources be the best they can possibly be. To achieve a world-class operation, you must first have world-class staff and this starts with the search and selection process. Before initiating a recruiting drive, you must have a clear understanding of the tasks the new hire will be responsible for, the skills they will need to possess, and any other specific educational or other requirements they will need to meet. All of this information should be included on your job descriptions, and you should use these documents throughout the hiring process, to ensure you are targeting the right people. Use behavioral-style interview questions. That is, don’t ask the applicant what they would do in a given situation, but ask for an example of what they did do in a similar circumstance. Involve more than one person in the interview process, as this helps neutralize any subconscious personal biases you may have. Peer interviews help gain buy-in from existing employees and give the applicant a more realistic idea of the culture of the organization. Peer support can make or break a new employee and when staff members participate in choosing their new teammate, they have a vested interest in his success. Background and reference checks are always important, especially for hospitals. Previous employers may be reluctant to share information about former employees, but even verification of job title and dates of hire is helpful, as applicants have been known to fabricate their employment history! Employers are often hesitant to hire inexperienced individuals, especially in healthcare positions where mistakes can have serious or even fatal results. But often what a newly minted nurse or medical technician lacks in experience they make up for in enthusiasm, attitude, and work ethic. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities already offer new hires some type of precepting or mentoring program, and you may want to consider beefing up these processes to provide additional training for new grads, rather than automatically ruling these applicants out. Most employers find that it is easier to teach new skills than to try to train integrity into an individual. And it is often simpler to teach someone who has no preconceived ideas about how things should be done, rather than trying to retrain someone whose bad habits are already ingrained. Hiring the right people is just one of the many responsibilities a hospital HR department is tasked with. Using PeopleSoft’s Human Capital Management (HCM) module can help you maximize your human resources by managing recruiting, absences, benefits, health and safety and more, all in one integrated system. And when problems arise, Belmero stands ready to help. Please contact us for more information on how Belmero can provide you with the support you need to fully take advantage of all the benefits of your PeopleSoft system.

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