Hospital HR – Finding the Pieces to the Puzzle

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together but there were pieces missing? In the healthcare industry, finding the perfect balance between supply and demand is a lot like finding that missing piece. The leaders of hospital HR are challenged with not only finding that perfect balance but doing it with efficiency. The hospital sector’s rapid industry growth is constantly changing due to healthcare trends. Unlike many other industries healthcare is intricate because it focuses on the various elements of maintaining wellness. Hospital HR must translate these intricacies into finding the solutions for numerous issues such as employee retention, compliance issues and loss of revenue due to high turnover. At Belmero Inc., we understand these challenges and provide strategies that are current to the ever changing healthcare tide. Our knowledge of the hospital industry provides the support and expertise that is needed to find the missing piece of the puzzle. Maintaining employee retention has been a key factor in the healthcare arena. Due to an overwhelming demand in patient care the gap for qualified health care professionals is quickly widening. Many staff and personnel experience employee burn out because of trying to balancing corporate with everyday life. This translates into a loss of invaluable time, human capital and corporate revenue. Unlike other sectors human resource investments are lower due to the nature of the industry. Mitigating the risk of the missing piece has to be contained before a sound investment can be considered. No one argues that the facilitative borders need to be expanded but expansion in any level cannot take place without substantial ROI. In order to offset these and many other issues, implementing the technology and necessary software helps minimize the headaches that come with these pain points. Here are some areas that Belmero Inc. is finding solutions for: • Sourcing • Issues with inaccuracies or printing of W2s • Asset tracking • Cost accounting • Hospital compliance The issue of compliance is crucial to licensing and sanitary procedures thus it is constantly being updated to keep HR informed of the government regulations, ensuring up to date healthcare policies. There may never be a perfect balance but implementing proven strategies with our expertise can help hospital HR departments find the missing pieces to the puzzle. When you have the expertise to find solutions, putting the pieces together saves time and money and in the long run makes the quality of healthcare more effective. If you would like more information about our services please contact us.

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