Optimizing Logistics with Smart Warehousing

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Growing trends around smart warehousing are changing the logistics landscape for businesses of all kinds. Emerging and existing technology provides increasing opportunities for the development of “smart warehouses” that rely on automation, cloud-based management systems, machine learning, and other systems to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

A recent article from Supply & Demand Chain Executive looked at the technologies driving this trend, noting that while roughly 80% of warehouses are not currently using automated solutions, projections for the future indicate a growing market and increased interest from decision-makers to invest in smart warehousing.

Among the top trends are centralized warehouse management systems (WMS), using RFID tags for tracking items, using wearables like smart glasses and even exoskeletons, automated vehicles and retrieval systems, and integrating with the Internet of Things to further monitor warehouse conditions and storage protocols. These technologies stand to reduce overhead and improve customer experiences while while boosting efficiency and minimizing errors, likely becoming standard practices for warehousing of all kinds in coming years.

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