Belmero Supplier Returns SaaS

Belmero offers two solutions: 1) Fully Managed Service and 2) SaaS technology. The Belmero Supplier Returns Managed Service ensures that you are protected from financial leakage by merging people, processes, technology, and governance to create a fully managed service that takes care of all aspects of supplier returns. Belmero’s mission is to significantly improve the accuracy, amount, and speed of the supplier returns process so that organizations receive and process every credit that is owed to them!

However, not all companies desire an all-in-one solution, which is why we have made our cloud-based software available with a subscription model to suit the needs of every customer.

SaaS Functionality Overview

The Belmero Supplier Returns SaaS fills major ERP gaps and provides the full functionality needed to successfully process and manage supplier returns. It’s ERP/Materials Management system agnostic – so you can use it regardless of the system you’re using today. Below is a summary of the functionality provided:

Belmero - SaaS Functionality Overview

Steps to Prevent Financial Leakage

Our SaaS will provide and fulfill the following key success factors. Financial loss is a certainty if an organization does not have the following:

  1. Visibility for the amount of supplier returns in process: by supplier, item, and/or reason code
  2. Visibility for the amount of supplier credits Accounts Payable should be processing
  3. Dynamic and configurable online forms so returns can be immediately entered and visible in the system – no emails, paper forms, or voicemails
  4. Assign an internal owner who is accountable for processing every step of the return process
  5. Notifications and escalations (for each return) to complete the next step or initiate a follow up
  6. Using a status, each step in the return lifecycle is tracked to provide business intelligence and visibility – nothing falls through the cracks

Belmero Supplier Returns SaaS Solution

Belmero’s SaaS solution is the answer to an organization’s supplier returns software needs. Our SaaS will do the heavy lifting and help make sure all of the credits are processed, effectively closing the gap and provide the technology to help prevent financial leakage. This software is ideal for those who already have the personnel to dedicate to supplier returns, but lack the software, process and reporting needed to drive results, potentially saving your company millions of dollars each year!

For more information on Belmero’s SaaS, please click here or contact us at [email protected]

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