PO/AP Automation & Cost Savings

Belmero’s Supplier Credits Managed Service is a new cost-savings service that no other vendor is providing, benefiting both Purchasing and Accounts Payable! It’s an extremely effective way to improve your P&L bottom line, and see a 100%-400% ROI every year! 

The service automates credit processing so there’s no data entry required, which means no missing credits. The data is accurate and free of human mistakes, so there are no Purchasing or Accounts Payable errors to work through. We do all of the work, providing the people, process, technology, and most importantly, the governance. Getting set up is simple and fast!

Here’s a quick overview of what the service entails:

  1. Provides immediate cost savings, 100% to 400% ROI each year!
  2. Supplier Credits are Automated for increased speed and accuracy!
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted governance to ensure every credit gets to AP!
  4. Receive Supplier Credits fast, usually within a few days!
  5. Analytics to provide key data for Supplier Performance Reviews & Internal Spend Analysis!
  6. We manage the entire supplier product return process end to end, including entering the return/credit in your system!

This service is designed to make your life easier, and stop you from leaving money on the table in the form of Supplier Credits. To learn more about how it can work for you, click here for more info, email us at sales@belmero.com, or call us toll-free at 855-BELMERO!

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