Cerner – Population Healthcare Through Big Data Analytics

Cerner Corp. has had a strong financial performance in the second quarter, earnings coming in at 44.7 percent. The increase in earnings is due, in part, to an increase in sales of its cloud-based product, HealtheIntent. This specific product utilizes big data analytics to discover patterns and trends in population health data, in order to upgrade and enhance health care delivery and eventual outcomes. According to Cerner, HealtheIntent “enables organizations to identify, score and predict the risks of individual patients, allowing them to match the right care programs to the right individuals.”

The goal of the HealtheIntent platform is to provide healthcare organizations the information they need about the current state of their population, to provide information on how the physicians and the patients are interacting in care delivery, and to provide solutions on how to enhance the delivery of care to the population, which ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

More and more healthcare organizations are recognizing the potential in Cerner’s population health platform and are choosing HealtheIntent to strengthen their analytical capability. According to Zacks Equity Research, Cerner Corporation has added several contracts with prominent healthcare organizations that have implemented the HealtheIntent platform.  And this past spring, Cerner also added its first global client to its increasing clientele list, with the Wirral Partners in the United Kingdom.

Implementing Cerner’s HealtheIntent can have incredibly positive results in improving community healthcare outcomes. Contact us to find out how Cerner can help your organization increase its analytical power and achieve unrivaled healthcare in your community.

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