Lawson ERP Acquisition

Your CEO looks spooked, standing at your desk demanding an update. Your legacy ERP system just announced their acquisition by another company. Your ERP runs well, all the employees trained and comfortable with it. You have no idea what to expect but you tell your CEO you’re on top of it.

There is no reason to panic. Take the example of Lawson’s acquisition by Infor. Lawson ERP is well-respected and has kept a substantial number of companies running smoothly for years, but more and more frequently ERP systems are moving to the cloud. Infor is working with existing Lawson customers to ease the transition from legacy software to the cloud by updating the platform with more specific applications. One such application, Avalara, automatically calculates sales tax. The acquisition is leading to more innovation within the Lawson software system and as a result more robust systems for their customers.

Expect a few bumps in the road in the transition. Many Lawson customers running earlier versions of the software have felt abandoned as news centered on the latest version. User groups and forums continue to exist and user group annual meetings haven’t stopped. Luckily, there’s some transparency, and information still flows between Infor Lawson and its users.

It’s not in the best interests of the acquiring company to alienate their new customers. Cloud computing and new technologies mean a better product than you have now. History shows progress will be incremental and take more than a year, possibly several. Most ERP systems tend to evolve gradually – some changes happen faster than others. Luckily, Belmero is here to walk with you through the transition. For further information on Lawson ERP please contact us.

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