How SAP is Providing Hope to Millions Around the World

Despite dramatic advancements in technology, there are still millions of people around the world who do not have access to a banking account. This makes the simplest of money management tasks very difficult as well as risky. SAP is an example of a company that’s using groundbreaking technology to provide easier access to financial services to the “unbanked” around the globe.

In India, SAP software now allows banking representatives to bring mobile banking technology directly to the door of the under-served. People that formerly lost their entire deposit to unsecured deposit methods now have access to their own secure bank account -right from the convenience of their home.

In Mexico, SAP technology provides the platform for microloans utilized by small groups of female-owned businesses. These loans have allowed many women to open businesses and secure a greater financial future.

In South Africa, SMS technology that runs on an SAP platform allows people who used to have to spend hours to get checks cashed access to banking kiosks near their homes. These transactions include person-to-person transfers and utility bill payments. The SAP platform not only provides people a bank account for the first time, but also saves them a substantial percentage of their weekly income formerly used for travel costs.

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