Key Factors that Improve Supplier Relationship Management

The foundation of a well-equipped hospital is effective supplier relationship management. Solid supplier relationships are best achieved through a combination of automating the procurement process and establishing a bond of trust with key vendors. This winning combination ultimately helps a hospital save money and time by ensuring that supply procurement becomes more proactive as opposed to reactive.

Understanding how Automation Helps Strengthen A Supplier Relationship

Through the automation of supply chain activities, purchasing managers are able to gain valuable insight into buying patterns and utilization of supplies and equipment. This enables the hospital to develop a more regular purchasing schedule, which ultimately helps the supplier to control their inventory and fill orders more efficiently. Specifically, automation helps in the following ways:

  1. Automation of purchasing permits tracking of supplies and utilization patterns
  2. Purchasing managers are able to better anticipate purchasing needs
  3. The hospital becomes more predictable in its purchasing patterns
  4. Suppliers can adjust inventory based upon the hospital’s purchasing patterns

The Importance of Maintaining Relationships with Key Suppliers 

The value of a solid working relationship with key suppliers should never be underestimated. In an era when face to face meetings may not be possible, there are a few steps that hospital purchasing agents can take to help build and strengthen relationships with key suppliers:

  1. Schedule a SKYPE session with your supplier contact once or twice annually
  2. Touch base by phone with your supplier contacts at least once quarterly
  3. Ask to be included on e-blasts advertising sales or inventory reductions

By staying in regular contact with key suppliers, a hospital will strengthen its relationship with that vendor. The supplier will be more apt to go beyond the call of duty for a familiar face or voice as opposed to a hospital that lacks . When coupled with automation of procurement processes, maintenance of vendor relationships will enhance your hospital’s efficiency and help ensure that supplies are kept stocked. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hospital improve its supplier relationships through increased efficiency.

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