Tips to Improve Hospital Materials Management

Hospital materials management is a complex process. Improving materials management reduces overall cost and increases service quality. There are a number of things hospitals can do to improve their materials management. Below are a few tips to assist you in improving materials management within your organization.

  • Analyze stock – It is crucial that specific materials be in the right place at the right time in a hospital environment. It is important to analyze your stock to determine what is needed and in what location. Without this data, service quality will be reduced. Lives are often at stake in hospital settings, so it is literally a life or death situation for critical stock to be present when it is needed.
  • Collaboration – It is useful to collaborate with physicians and nursing staff. The actual working staff is the best resource for gathering information about materials. Think of them as your “boots on the ground.” They are on the front lines and know exactly what materials are needed.
  • Total cost – Calculate the total cost of materials. The price alone is not an accurate account. You must include hospital material transfer costs as well. Finding efficient and affordable materials transport can save a significant amount on overall cost. Look into all available options for transport.
  • Policies – Have specific policies and procedures in place that integrate ordering to create a centralized system. This will help to reduce unnecessary spending and improves consistent stock quality.

These procedures are commonly used in the manufacturing sector. Materials management best practices are similar, regardless of the sector. Hospitals realize this and look to the manufacturing sector for guidance. The goal is to reduce cost and improve service quality. Contact us for more information and assistance.

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