Keeping your Inventory up to PAR with PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the second largest expense for healthcare providers. It is the key to creating a better end to end visibility of all their healthcare inventory supplies. PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management offers you the tools to running a better business including PeopleSoft Inventory. All of your hospital inventory is centrally maintained in PeopleSoft Inventory. However, inventory transactions are recorded in your hospital data system base for providing hospital services to patients. Your material management and pharmacy system base will send each and every transaction to PeopleSoft Inventory for balances updates on real-time basis and cost accounting. PeopleSoft Inventory will also maintain their dictionary updates when receiving inventory items related information. A par inventory function lets you establish and maintain stock locations without tracking. The par locations might be in a warehouse, in a hospital supply closet, automated dispensing machines, or in trucks that are equipped with the supplies for handling service calls. With par inventory management, you stock par locations with a defined item & quantity, then conduct periodic inventory counts to determine replenishment. An attractive inventory option of PeopleSoft is that it offers a mobile application. Using PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management in combination with PeopleSoft Inventory, you can use mobile devices to conduct periodic inventory counts to determine replenishment needs for each par location. The maintenance of your inventory is crucial. It is the source of all of your patient and healthcare supplies. You have enough to do. Contact us at Belmero Inc. to get you up to par.

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