PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management: A Useful Tool with Vulnerabilities to Fix

PeopleSoft ERP software is used by over 1/2 of the Fortune 500 companies and by many others worldwide as well, yet it still has it’s share of vulnerabilities. Because the applications are integrated over all of the business activities across departments, everyone works with the same data and processes. No more information silos! And, when implemented, companies use it to improve the efficiency of their operations, saving time and money. As the business processes are examined during implementation, they are standardized and automated. An article by Mary Shacklett in TechTarget gives a good overview of PeopleSoft applications. Companies choose which portions of the suite to implement and they may decide certain departments need more emphasis. ERP covers finance, human relations, operations, purchasing and procurement, business intelligence, customer relationship management, supply chain operations, warehousing, and inventory – definitely a soup-to-nuts solution! Let’s examine the PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management tools in more detail. The PeopleSoft Supply Chain application looks not just internally; it also includes vendors and suppliers and other business partners and delves deeply into their manufacturing and sourcing operations from inventory, raw materials and supplies. Help Net Security posted an article on security vulnerabilities back in May that revealed there are potential holes in the security of this application. Because PeopleSoft is used in over 7000 large companies, it is a target for hackers the way Microsoft is a target; there are more users and applications creating more opportunities. PeopleSoft systems are often accessible from the Internet and parts of the system are available before a user is registered. For example, job applications and forms can be accessed, downloaded, or filled out online. This means there is created a special user with minimal rights and when access is granted to this user, there is an opportunity to hack into the system. The worst consequences of an attack like this include the theft of identity data such as Social Security numbers. Once the SSN is obtained, the hacker uses it to obtain a loan or get other personal information. Also, there is potential for the theft of employee or customer’s credit card information with the resulting fraudulent use. PeopleSoft has an Asset  Life Cycle Management system, which if exposed during a hacking situation puts valuable equipment at risk. Perhaps the most damaging in many ways is if access is obtained to the PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management application. It has all of the corporate knowledge on tenders and contracts. Someone with access can use this information to modify their own proposal. The potential damage to brands and reputation is incalculable and there can be severe financial damage as well. The point is not to scare you away from PeopleSoft ERP. It is a terrific suite of applications that provides multiple benefits including great increases in efficiency and cost savings. There are fixes for all of the problems discussed above.  Understand just that it is a very complex program to implement. There are many pitfalls along the path to getting the most out the investment in the program. It is also true that ERP has a higher failure rate of implementation than any other software. The last paragraph of the first article by Mary Shacklett says, “it is important to find an ERP partner that is as capable of working with you on system installation, integration, consultation, training and support as it is in delivering a new ERP system.” Where do you find this partner? Who can you trust? Belmero, Inc. are the PeopleSoft experts for hospitals that are experiencing trouble with their ERP suite or just want to make sure they are getting the full benefits and ROI from it.  We are highly specialized in resolving PeopleSoft issues and pain points for hospitals and other organizations. Contact us; let us show you how we can help.

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