Tips to Get More From Your Investment in PeopleSoft Financial Management

Many PeopleSoft hospital clients bemoan the complexity of the software and worry that they are not getting maximum benefit from its features.  While it’s true the software is robust and multifaceted, and few institutions use all of the available features, just a little education goes a long way toward maximizing your investment. For today, consider these few tips to make PeopleSoft Financial Management work better for you:

  • Take advantage of available upgrades. While the upgrade itself will not make the system more responsive or intuitive, with a very small commitment to training your staff will quickly help them realize operational and processing efficiency.
  • Give your staff the speed they need. Did you know many PeopleSoft applications are available for mobile devices? Journal entries, expense reports, vouchers, purchase orders and requisitions can all be completed using mobile applications.
  • Use Dashboards. Dashboards offer role-specific information that allows users to view Pivot Grids and pagelets, and can be tailored so that users can view key data according to their preferences. Dashboards can be included as part of an application WorkCenter or used as a separate menu item. Not using Dashboards? Find out how they can make your staff’s jobs easier. Dashboard capabilities were introduced in PeopleTools release 8.51.
  • Streamline, don’t undermine. Many hospital operations are complicated, and redundancy is built in to certain functions because they are so critical. The key is to understand the difference between overlap and cross-functional processes. When high-priority processes require many repeat functions (phone calls, multiple requests) you likely need to involve several departments to streamline the process, and find out which PeopleSoft features can help simplify it. When one Midwest hospital group did that, calls related to purchase orders dropped 85%.

To find out what PeopleSoft Financial Management can do to improve your overall operations, and learn the best ways to maximize your investment, contact us. We love to hear our clients say, “I did not realize PeopleSoft could do that!

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