Maintain Internal and External Supply Chain Relationships With PeopleSoft

For many hospitals, PeopleSoft is an excellent ERP system, but there are several areas with substantial problems and issues. When it comes to supply chain management, improper internal and external integration can cause significant problems. Mergers and acquisitions will exacerbate these problems, as well as major supply chain shifts. While frustrating, supply chain issues are not caused by the software, nor necessarily by your organization, but by the integration of the two. Internal and External Hospitals and healthcare organizations have their own flow of information, materials and patients. Often, this flow is managed by one system, while the flow of information, materials and patients from and to outside partners is managed by another system. While hospitals must continually maintain HIPAA compliance, PeopleSoft SCM (Supply Chain Management) software is designed to process your information in a safe and secure manner. Proper risk analysis will separate only information that needs to be secure while streamlining all other processes. SCM will connect customers and suppliers to your processes, including internal suppliers. If there is not currently adequate communication between your supplies team, your various departments (internal customers), and your supplier, your SCM processes can be improved. Communication and information needs to flow as smoothly as possible while maintaining a high degree of security. Relationships From receipt handling to cost accounting and purchase orders, PeopleSoft SCM automates processes, and removes much of the hassle of the unknown from communication, facilitating relationship building among various points on the supply chain. When managing larger organizations and dealing with mergers, acquisitions and more, the SCM system effectively automates processes, informs key team members, and empowers your organization to build relationships with customers and suppliers. If this is not truly working, it may be time to see a PeopleSoft expert to find out why. For more information about renovating your current SCM system to produce communication and facilitate supplies/inventory management, please contact us.

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