ERP Implementation at the Local Level: The Best Solutions Come from Within

Since 2009, the federal government has invested $26 billion in IT for healthcare according to Beckers Hospital Review. This money has gone to development of electronic health records (EHR), health information exchanges (HIE) and tele-medicine. While all of these advancements are meant to streamline hospital-provider-patient interface and reduce overhead, the implementation has not been 100% effective. The problem lies in a “top-down” approach where budget allocations are handed from decision makers who aren’t in touch with the daily operations. Each hospital was responsible for a “meaningful use requirement” that the AMA says was unfair to hospitals. Furthermore, physicians were being penalized for non-compliance.

“They are hindering participation in the program, forcing physicians to purchase expensive EHRs with poor usability that disrupts workflow, creates significant frustrations and interferes with patient care and imposes an administrative burden.”

Health information exchanges are another trouble spot. Hospitals want to provide instant access from multiple devices to relevant and timely information about patients and practitioners. In theory, this approach to “inter-operability” would save time on scheduling and improve inter-departmental communication. But state-run HIE are not a realistic approach to better hospital management. The real solution lies in employing an ERP like PeopleSoft for your hospital. ERPs that are implemented by each individual hospital provide a universal interface that integrates providers and departments with the broader goals of the board. Because ERP implementation occurs at the “local” level, its functions are relevant to that particular hospital’s needs and is in touch with its daily functions. EHR and HIE should be instantly accessible by relevant providers and even open to the patients themselves. It should be up to each hospital, therefore, to determine how this is handled. Implementing an ERP is a monumental task. ERPs can be customized to fit the size and requirements of individual hospitals. It pays off to investigate what your ERP can do for your hospital. For the best PeopleSoft ERP support, feel free to contact us.

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