Hospital Supplier Management Basics

Managing the ordering and intake of medical supplies for a hospital can seem like a straightforward, albeit daunting, task. However, hospital supplier management is a specialized, important position. This job is crammed full of minute important details and entails a very specific responsibility: Make sure that the supplies are effective and available when they are needed, but spend as little money as possible on the supplies.Spending as little money as possible on the supplies does not mean skimping on quality. The medical equipment must be functional, do its job, and the customer must be satisfied with the efficiency and efficacy of the product. Ordering empty asthma inhalers or IV fluid bags prone to tears and leaks is just not going to cut it in a medical facility.Striving for cost effectiveness  is a requirement for any business, big or small, that is trying to keep its head above water in a capitalist society currently experiencing a recession. No one has any money to waste; there is a better place for any and all extra monetary elements than “down the drain.” Also, the goal of any business is, obviously, to maximize profit, and spending thousands of extra dollars per month on medical supplies is hardly the right way to go about doing so. So, the individual in charge of the hospital suppliers and the ordering of medical supplies generally has two main goals on which to focus: 1) Make sure that the product is always available when it is needed, and 2) Complete the first goal in the most cost-efficient way possible. Some challenges to these tasks are discrepancies in the chain of command, the vast number of different departments within a hospital (radiology, oncology, neurology, etc), improper flow of information, things being lost in translation, and the frightening and frustrating number of intermediaries involved in these processes. So, as it turns out, very little of managing hospital supplies and suppliers is actually “straightforward.” This is where Belmero and its PeopleSoft services come in handy – we are here to help you succeed at being both a well-equipped and a cost-effective hospital, with the highest level of customer satisfaction that a hospital or other medical center could possibly have. Our PeopleSoft clients generally see a 25% decrease in support costs – that’s a big profit! – as well as reduction in other associated costs, and a significant increase in the productivity of the company. Please contact us for more information about how we can help to vastly improve the cost-effectiveness of your hospital supplier management.

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