Success Stories – InterUnit / Material Transfer

Company Description:

Midwest Hospital, Multiple Sites, 2000+ bed, 2B+ annual revenue.

The Problem:

This hospital was facing significant operational and accounting issues with material transfers from one inventory site to another. There were two main operational issues:

  • The process to transfer material was cumbersome, required many steps, was modified and the duration took a couple of hours to complete.
  • The process was not always providing visibility to management on the transfers in process from one site to another; operationally or financially.

There were two main accounting issues:

  • There were thousands of transactions monthly with accounting errors. These accounting errors required additional analysis and processing, prevented timely updates to GL and did not provide mid-month accounting visibility to the operational directors.
  • GL was seeing incorrect accounts and costs on accounting lines were not accurate.

Belmero Approach:

A two-prong approach was required to successfully resolve this issue. The first prong was to address the operational issues. The second prong was to address the accounting issues. The scope of the issue went beyond PeopleSoft to include operational procedure steps leading up to and after the PeopleSoft steps. Since this was a cross module issue and it involved IT, Belmero provided the liaison services between the Business and IT.

Success Achieved:

  • The InterUnit Transfer process was standardized and streamlined not only in PeopleSoft but also outside of PeopleSoft.
  • Operational, procedural and business process changes were made that optimized processes.
  • In reviewing the operational process a modification was removed from PeopleSoft and delivered functionality was used instead.
  • Operationally the process was reduced from a couple of hours to less than 10 minutes.
  • The accounting setup was completely redone and simplified.
  • The existing accounting was incomplete, and what was setup was more complex than it needed to be.
  • The incorrect and missing accounting setup was corrected and simplified in design.
  • Accounting errors were rectified for finance to deal with on a monthly basis.
  • The correct accounts are being updated and the proper reconciliation is occurring automatically.
  • Site Directors have the financial visibility they desired to manage their operations.

Belmero can resolve the root cross module, complex and multi-faceted issues with your PeopleSoft system and collaborate with both Business and IT to further optimize your system. Your results? A bigger ROI from PeopleSoft. [signature]

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