5 Things to Know Before You Pick an SAP Consulting Company

SAP consulting companies provide businesses with the function and/or the technical support they need. Finding the right one can make a difference in your returns for the long term. Here’s what you need to know before you choose a consulting firm.

Look for the right skill sets

The SAP product suite covers a lot of ground. You’ll want to make sure the team of consultants you hire has someone who specializes in the area of expertise that you need. Software integrators won’t always have the SAP expertise you require. Check beforehand.

Know where to look

Looking in the wrong places can slow down your search. Eliminate the delay and frustration by knowing where to look. For starters, try tapping into your personal network. Follow this up with your professional contacts. Both should net you a few leads and names. If you know industry experts or SAP mentors, reach out to them for tips and advice. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find people who are happy and willing to help you.

Review the background

Check out the background of the SAP consulting companies that made your list. Assess experience and credentials. Check if the company holds a track record of success too, the Entrepreneur says. That’s one way to determine whether the consulting firm is the perfect fit for your organization or not.

Look for reviews

Reviews can reveal must-know information and details about the company. These could offer insight into the customer service quality you can expect. Be sure to take note of anything that keeps popping up in the reviews. That could indicate a recurring issue, one that may affect your hiring decision.

Ask questions

It would be a good idea to ask the consultants working on your project about their implementation experience and support experience. You wouldn’t want to pay consultants to learn on the job. Make sure you hire the right team from day one.

With these five tips, you’ll know enough to find the best consulting firm to partner with.

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