Recovering From Vendor Returns

Vendor returns are not an indication of good vibes to your business. It can hurt your ego, your product, your bottom line, and the possibility of rejection from future investors. Here are some tips on recovering from a major vendor return and how to sell your returned product and redeem your business.

  • Downplay it: Vendors will not blast your product. They show it by returning the items to you. If your product is still well received, it should still sell on other avenues and the return should not even be mentioned.
  • Go to other vendors: Just because one will reject you does not mean that they will all reject you. However, if a major vendor does do a return, it night be a good time for you to talk to your other vendors to see how you are doing with your relationships.
  • Work on your business: There are a lot of reasons that a vendor may reject you, but some of these reasons may be your fault. If it is a mistake on your end, it might be time to work on the operation and logistics of your business to make sure that something like this will not happen again.

Contact us today if you need advice on making your business better. The goal of any product based business is to be picked up by a major supplier and have that product available nationwide. Even some of the biggest brands in the world are not carried in every store. If you do get a return, do not be afraid that it is the end of the business, but it might be time to evaluate your business to make it better.

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