5 Budget Concerns For Hospital HR Systems

With medical liability insurance for each employee, paying for years worth of schooling, and recruiting personnel in uncertain political times, hospital HR systems drive significant costs which an organization incurs in both labor and capital. From recruiting the best doctors to managing a diverse workforce, HR software implementation is a key tool in the complete employee life cycle. The following are 5 areas where HR concerns affect a hospital’s cash flow.

Software Integration 

Does the HR software work well with accounting and business management systems? Does the software integrate well with hardware systems like punch-in clocks and other employee management systems?

Contract Management and Recruiting

Great HR management in a hospital centers around recruiting and maintaining top talent. From recruiting top doctors, surgeons and nurses, to maintaining their contracts long-term, good HR management systems take into account the many disparate data sets necessary for great contract management.

Insurance Issues

What liability, malpractice, and Worker’s Comp insurance requirements are there for different positions in a hospital? How does your HR software integrate those insurance concerns in a comprehensive labor force management system?

Overtime and Safety

Overtime affects employee safety, because exhausted employees are more likely to fall on the job, make mistakes in medical practice, or do other costly activities. How does an HR system monitor overtime and safety systems? Who gets notifications of overtime events?

Benefits Management

The benefits within a hospital are often as intricate a part of compensation as the actual payment of employees. From medical and vision to PTO and vacation days, the diverse benefits necessary to recruit and maintain top talent require extensive management. How does the HR system manage benefits? What are the rules concerning vacation carry over, and how is the software equipped to handle those rules?

For more information on hospital HR systems, implementing institution wide software systems, answering the previous questions, or improving current ERP software functionality in your hospitals, please contact Belmero today.

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