5 Things to Know About Hospital HR

When most people think hospital HR, they may think it is the simple task of handling the relations between doctors. If only it were that simple! Hospitals are made up of so many different types of employees: doctors, physicians assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, administrative staff, house keeping staff, just to name a few. A human resources representative at a hospital has a job unlike any typical corporation, and while it is a rewarding industry, it is a unique one.

  • Before any clinical employee can even so much as walk into a room with a patient, he/she must be licensed by the state and credentialed by the hospital. This is a process that can take months, so fast-paced recruitment doesn’t work for a hospital HR rep and organization is key
  • The better the doctor, the more prepared the hospital has to be for his/her arrival. Onboarding is key to making a new employee feel comfortable and valued. Nothing is more frustrating than having someone show up for their first day of work and they don’t have an office or working computer.
  • Depending on the level of the employee, benefits and pay schedules may differ, and the HR representative needs to know who gets what and when.
  • Hospital employees are held to a very high standard in terms of confidentiality, and contracts have to be drawn up for each person before they can begin to work. Also, yearly reviews/renewals of policies (such as HIPAA) need to be in place for each employee.
  • Like any organization, when an employee decides to leave a hospital, HR needs to do exit interviews, and make sure all hospital equipment is turned in (down to security badges). There has to be special care to be sure privileges have been removed and the employee cannot return to visit any patient.

Hospital HR can be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to rest entirely on your shoulders. Belmero Inc specializes in PeopleSoft and can help you with some of the daunting tasks of managing hospital employees, no matter what level they are on. Contact us for a consultation.

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