With Proper ERP Implementation, Hospital Support Costs Can be Reduced!

70% of the Fortune 500 either already have ERP or are planning to install it soon. The ERP marketplace is now expanding into the under $250 million size companies. The ERP premise is to help a company achieve the maximum results from a company wide database that helps the supply chain in becoming more effective, the Human Resource team in increasing their impact on performance, Marketing becoming more focused and responsive, and Accounts Payable/Receivable better managed and efficient. Those are certainly goals to which companies aspire. PeopleSoft ERP, with a web-based relational database approach, is one of the most popular ERP solutions available. Implemented correctly it aids immeasurably in decision-making focusing on quality, process simplification, and knowledge transfer to the locations where it is needed. Hospitals, with their many departments, their complex billing processes, their lengthy periods to receive payments for services, their expensive equipment and need for highly trained doctors, nurses, and technicians, are prime locations for all the benefits of ERP.  If the software is not implemented correctly or completely, ERP can cost much more than it is worth and even result in devastating losses or complete organizational failure. There are options if ERP is in place and not working optimally. A company like Belmero Inc. provides PeopleSoft expertise for hospitals. We provide functional and production support for the PeopleSoft pain points of an implementation. Our in-depth study and diagnosis stabilizes the ERP solution and helps the employees gain confidence in their data. The typical results of our assistance are a 25% reduction in hospital support costs, significant increases in productivity across the board, and risk reduction in the business functions. There is no system interruption during the process and Belmero supplies this support for an entire year at a fixed price! Enterprise resource planning implementation for hospitals is difficult but the benefits that accrue are worth it. Belmero Inc. can help you achieve your goals! Contact us today for the assistance you need.

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