Oracle Update: HCM Cloud

Since its inception nearly forty years ago, Oracle software has developed into a leader in database technology and applications. Now it’s stepping into the cloud. Oracle’s HCM Cloud services offer a variety of management tools to assist today’s world of Human Resources. Managing the required rules and regulations that govern employee/employer relations is in itself a daunting task. On top of that, Human Resource departments must concern themselves with ensuring the company has the right staff with the needed skills to keep the business growing. A software that tracks and stores this important data is an invaluable resource for your company. With this software your Human Resources staff can:

  • manage employee wellness
  • track employee career development
  • prepare for gaps in key skills due to retirements, etc.
  • combine data from various sources and share it with other departments

The task of combining and sharing data to all departments allows for increased coordination of staff efforts. There is also a drag and drop feature to streamline the process of placing the data on mobile devices. With this feature staff gain greater flexibility to attend meetings via mobile devices. Included as well is a feature which allows employees to track their own performance by viewing activity on social networks which will tell them the perceptions their peers have of their work. This offers them needed information to evaluate the success of their efforts. Cloud services are the wave of the future. More and more, traditional software licensing is falling off. As it has throughout its history, Oracle is leading the way into this new technology. If you’re interested in finding out more about Oracle’s HCM Cloud, or how we can optimize your PeopleSoft performance, please contact us.

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