PeopleSoft Keeps Your Processes in Focus

Whenever a healthcare organization is considering a software implementation, like PeopleSoft ERP, it is extremely important to remember that software is a support mechanism for your hospital’s systems and processes, not a substitution. When preparing an install or dealing with software issues, your software systems must be prepared so that they manage your organizations specific needs and processes.

Strategy First, Then PeopleSoft

Systems and processes are incredibly important in developing HR, supplier relations and CRM systems. Whether you have already implemented PeopleSoft or are considering it, it is imperative that you plan the personal and interactive parts of your business before turning your focus towards bettering your ERP functionality. How does your organization integrate your processes and your people? What are the workflow plans and procedures your staff must follow, and how do you address needed changes with regularity? These questions and more are fundamental to strategic planning:

  • Plan your CRM processes – Plan how staff relate to patients, independent physicians, and different departments. Each time you send information, patients or supplies to a different person or department, physician or hospital, there are opportunities for confusion and information overload, unless you implement a plan consistent with your business processes outside of the software systems.
  • HR Systems – Paperwork, labor costs, and training are all aspects of HR which must be managed according to principle. Only when set up properly and efficiently on paper and in person can your HR systems be transferred successfully to a software program.
  • Supplier Relationships – Inventory and supplies are easily managed with proper software and hardware, but not without proper workflow and employee training.

With proper planning and software integration with your business systems, every aspect of your business involving paperwork and information can be implemented so that your hospital works efficiently. Once you’ve completed planning and implemented PeopleSoft, our staff at Belmero can deliver result-driven functional and production support, and help you get past any pain-points. If you’re looking to reduce costs, maximize productivity, and optimize efficiency, contact us.

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