Maintaining Your Hospital Supply Chain

Mission critical is the most accurate way to describe the hospital supply chain. Managing and maintaining the ordering, receiving and dispersal of supplies, from medicines to drinking straws, demands up to date information at all times. It’s important to oversee how the supplies are moving, where any supply chain pinch points or slow-downs that require attention are, and verify use patterns. Another aspect of the supply chain involves human resources. Do you have the right personnel in the correct distribution to cover the requirements of the hospital? Having the supply cabinets full does not have a positive effect if no one is available to deliver it to the patients on time. Having an ERP program like PeopleSoft is such standard practice now that few managers think about it beyond whether or not the system is up and working. This is not always the best approach to have. A good program is one thing, making the fullest use of its functionality is another thing altogether. Are you seeing lags in the supply ordering or, conversely, overstocking of an expensive and time sensitive medication? Are there conflicts in data that don’t appear resolvable? That is where a specialist in working with your ERP process needs to be consulted. Pinpointing choke points can bring the materials supply chain back in line with actual requirements and restore capital outlay control. Functionality reviews can pull features into use that were not initially brought on-line at implementation of the base system. Have all the data necessary to make truly informed decisions. Make sure the data needed is where you need it when you want it. Let Belmero specialists review the functionality of your PeopleSoft ERP setup – contact us today!

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