Increase Organizational Efficiency with Proper Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning has taken on a whole new meaning with software and information systems created to manage the entirety of hospital resources. Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is designed to integrate with an organization’s systems, hardware, patient relationship management, supply chain management and more. It should increase organizational efficiency, not create a hindrance.

Proper Planning

Although technology has made leaps and bounds in the last 25 years, going from nearly non-existent to integrated in every aspect of a hospital’s processes, the technology has to be implemented and integrated in certain ways to increase efficiency. A proper ERP system includes not only the right software, like PeopleSoft ERP, but the right management and planning systems. Management and planning systems are the means leaders use to communicate, influence and lead their organization for better results than if everyone does their own thing. In complex organizations, planning systems have to include not only management and leadership, but also receive feedback from the constituents the systems effect: patients, vendors and employees. Although many hospitals use Peoplesoft ERP to manage their accounting and information resources, many organizations substantially lack proper enterprise-wide controls. These controls include integrated HR solutions, merger and acquisition planning, inventory and supplies management and forecasting, and more.

Integrated Solutions

An enterprise resource planning system needs to include software and policies which engage the entire hospital or hospital management organization, no matter their location. A proper system is implemented across the organization in such a way that it reduces your organization’s pain points and increases communication between departments and between management and employees. The integrated implementation of an ERP can be improved at any time. If your organization is experiencing disjointed operations between departments or hospitals, poor wage and benefits control, or excessive accounting costs, these are all signs of an ERP system which is not properly implemented across your organization. If this is you, please contact Belmoro today to discover if our PeopleSoft ERP support can boost your efficiency and create the best enterprise resource program for your organization.

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